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Paranormal Kicks Cancer came into existence in 2010 as a fundraiser for the advancement of Cancer research. We are hoping to continue growing and supporting the fight with cancer.

This event has been created by members of the paranormal community to support kicking one of the most serious and ugly of all diseases, cancer. We are opening up our community to all (this is a family event) who want to support the cause. This event is about people coming together in order to help find a cure of a disease that not only affects our community, but our world.

This will be a day to bring out the fun in everyone paranormal or non-paranormal alike A day full of learning, meeting new people, and most of all, support the search to find a cure by placing another milestone on the road to kicking cancers butt once and for all. We will not stop fighting until we do!!!

Once registered and a wrist band has been placed on your wrist, you will have access to the event areas for the entire event. For instance, a wrist band received Friday will be good both Friday and Saturday

Please see the “Agenda” page (above in main menu) for detailed information.

At the end of each guest speaker there will be a chance drawing for prizes. Tickets will be sold throughout the event for the change drawing. There will be a table set up to donate funds for tickets and the prizes will be on display at the table where tickets will be.

Please bring all your stuffed animals for “Cuddles For Cancer” as well they will put smiles on all the cancer stricken children. Those animals are sure to make a big difference to some special children, in their fight with this ugly disease.

****Event details subject to change